Who are our local destination experts?

JoyRoutes is where you find the crème de la crème of tour operators in Kerala. Our local destination experts are natives of Kerala who know the best of what Kerala has to offer. Each of them is a founder/partner at outstanding local tour agencies in Kerala, with at least 10 years of experience in crafting and organising holidays in Kerala and other parts of India.

Why choose our local destination experts?

You know how you trawl endless review websites before making a decision about any major purchase? Well, we’ve gone ahead and done that for you. We've spent hours screening and filtering multiple local tour operators in Kerala to present you only the very best.

To make sure you have the best experience possible while on your holiday, we choose to work only with top local destination experts with phenomenal service standards. With their immense network of industry contacts, they have access to live negotiated prices from hoteliers, transport providers, and other vendors. So when you book a holiday through JoyRoutes, you benefit from those direct prices, without any intermediaries. Each hotel listed on JoyRoutes has been hand-picked by our experts based on their vast experience with past travellers, saving you the hassle of choosing one from the hundreds of run-of-the-mill hotels listed on a hotel listing site.

Our local destination experts take care of every single aspect of your holiday. All you need to do is relax and indulge in the delights of Kerala unhindered by the thought of organizing logistics. And, what’s more, our experts will be on call 24/7 while you’re in Kerala, should you need their assistance at any time.

How we choose our local destination experts?

Remember how we said we’ve gone ahead and done the research for you? This is how we did it.

We have a rigorous vetting process in place, during which we vet each local destination expert using our own, personal Kerala connections. You know what they say about the six degrees of separation in the world. Well, in Kerala, there are maybe three, usually just two. Everybody knows everybody through somebody.

In addition to making use of our vast Keralan network, during our vetting process to zero in on our experts:

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We hold multiple rounds of interviews to make sure we both agree on what impeccable quality means.

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We review their itineraries and the vendors they use, to ensure they meet our exacting standards.

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We monitor customer testimonials as well as industry reputation.

And it doesn't stop here. Even after we bring an expert on board, we constantly keep an eye on their performance through JoyRoutes traveller feedback.

You could not be in more capable hands.

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