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Here’s the 101 on how to craft your perfect holiday on JoyRoutes. You do not have to bother yourself with creating a username and password to see what we offer.

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Choose your arrival and departure dates. Browse through our gallery of carefully designed holidays. If any of them catches your fancy (though we’re dead sure you’ll be hard-pressed to choose), click See Route to see more details. Then click Customize.

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This is where the fun begins. Browse through our gallery of local activities and experiences for each place to craft your own itinerary. If any activity interests you, add it to your itinerary. Book your holiday with our Local Destination Expert and make your payment directly to him.

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Have the best time of your life and discover why Kerala is called God’s Own Country by anyone who visits it.

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Share your experience on JoyRoutes before the holiday hangover leaves you. Spread the love!

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Get a Free Holiday Quote
Get a Free Holiday Quote

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